Among Us MOD APK (Menu, HACK, All Unlocked)


Play online or over local WiFi with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!
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March 9, 2023
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MOD Features Of Among Us APK

  • Unlock All Pets
  • Unlock All Hats
  • Unlock All Skins
  • Player Speed (Slider)
  • Ghost Player Speed (Slider)
  • Player Colour (Slider)
  • No, Leave Cooldown
  • Light Increase
  • Increased Report Distance
  • Out of Map [After First Vote]
  • No Door Sabotage Cooldown
  • No Kill Cooldown



Download Among Us MOD APK (Unlocked All) For Android

Among Us MOD APK (Unlocked All)
Among Us MOD APK (Unlocked All)

For entertainment, games that emphasize the interaction between players increase fun and excitement. Download Among Us MOD APK game is an opportunity for players to demonstrate communication skills and other factors. Many games have content for us to discuss topics and hot trends on the Internet. Games appear on many different platforms where players can demonstrate their deception, interaction, detection, and cheating skills.

MOD APK (Menu, HACK, All Unlocked) is an attractive multiplayer action role-playing game from the publisher. Inspired by the popular board game Werewolf, the main theme of the games revolves around teamwork, faith, and doubt among a group of astronauts in space. The group must find a way to launch a ship into space. Each member of the session must perfect their detective skills to achieve the game’s goals.

But some opponents (imposters) infiltrate the crew intending to destroy everything. That’s the fate of the space station crew. So overall, the game is fascinating so let’s take a look at more about this Among Us MOD APK Game.

Info About Among Us MOD APK (Menu, HACK, All Unlocked)

Among Us MOD APK (Unlocked All) Download
Among Us MOD APK (Unlocked All) Download

We are all in a simple game with nice graphics and a player-friendly focus on communicating with the players. The game introduces a unique environment in which players are members of an astronaut team on a mission.

This Among Us MOD APK game aims to have many cards and other attractive features for players to entertain and make the gameplay more exciting. The player has a cheat with an evil target, and the rest must find out who it is. Although the content is simple, players can use many different factors and reasons and need active interaction with other members to use the information.

The US background is set on a spaceship in space; the ship’s astronauts try to find a way to launch the ship and leave space.

The astronauts have a fraudster who has infiltrated the ship to sabotage the ship. The aim of the astronauts is to find out who the anonymous scammers are and leave the ship before it is destroyed. The character must destroy the spaceship before the Chaos Division can kill people.

There are two different teams in the game: crew members and cheaters, and each mission is different, making the game exciting and intense enough to pass the time. The first and most popular factions are the crew members and the scam team.

Each member has a different amount of work to do on each task but shares the characteristics of the task, allowing the player to move around the map and interact with mini-games. When a crew member completes a task, the game has a visual effect in which the crew member proves that he is not a cheat.

For beginners, the rules should not be too difficult to understand. Winning is about understanding the part of the law, so you must have a reason to put your faith in the right place, rather than deceiving people that you are a murderer or an imposter. If you are familiar with games like Werewolf, our gameplay does not need to be mentioned. However, our game requires flexibility and intelligence from players who do not have high skills.

Apart from being a werewolf-like game for a group of friends, it is also exciting. You can have hours of fun and learn more from each other.

Features Of Among Us MOD APK

Unlimited Coins, Hacks and Immediate Kill, etc.

Among Us, MOD APK has an additional customization feature. With it, players can customize their skin tone, pets, hats, clothing, etc. With Among Us MOD APK, players can use the mod to get the look of their choice. Pay to leave your desired look, but the mod is available for free.

Some of us have hacked the mod menu in the APK by adding a new feature that allows players to increase their movement speed. Once upon a time, players had to run away from a fraudster to catch their loot quickly. Now, this feature is not only useful when the scammer is tracking you.

It also means it will kill other of us who hack mod menus and APKs. Instant Killing: Click each time to get an instant kill, and it will trigger them. It is good for those who want to hack APK and individuals who want to have a steady profit. It will also be beneficial for the impostor to reach the final in the event of defeat, in which case he will want to finish the game triumphantly.

Eliminate Everything In Game As A Imposter

Unlike crew members, fraudsters (Imposters) have a special role with the exact opposite goal, such as destroying the map or killing a crew member by throwing him out of an airlock. In addition, they can sabotage critical parts of the map, and within a limited time, the crew members must repair them before the map is destroyed and defeated.

In contrast, the fraudster can move very quickly on the map thanks to a built-in ventilation system, allowing him to escape without causing a scene. They do not assign anything suspicious to crew members or report visual effects to them.

Various Maps and Customizations

Card diversity, the most significant change in gameplay, is that each card will have different interactions, including tasks and sabotage. We will also provide players with more interesting maps and game content, including character costumes. Players can change their colors, hats, costumes, and pets in the player’s personalization lounge at the start of the game. Rich and lively: The players also have the chance to receive special costumes at the International Festival.

Each card has one thing in common: a system for identifying and tracking crew members. People can use this feature to distinguish between friends and enemies on the ground. Fraudsters have a wide range of uses thanks to their ventilation system, which allows them to move around undetected and take care of themselves.

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