Avira Antivirus MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)


NEW! Get more than the top virus scanner and remover for Android! The latest mobile antivirus software now combines ultimate protection with a phone cleaner and booster. Plus, it protects your privacy with free VPN.
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April 10, 2022
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MOD Features Of Avira Antivirus APK

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Download Avira Antivirus MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Latest Version

Avira Antivirus MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)
Avira Antivirus MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

In the modern world, as technology develops, people will have more reason to be suspicious of the Internet. In the past, there have been reports of stolen users, but due to insufficient security information and hacker attacks, the source is malware. This is why users start looking for anti-virus apps with other features to make them more secure.

One of these apps is Avira Antivirus MOD APK Anti-Malware, which acts as a shield for the user when he is connected to the Internet. Not only that, the application also provides a pleasant feeling for users to enjoy the Internet.

Avira Antivirus MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) is an anti-virus application that protects the device from malicious code and prevents others from infiltrating with malicious intent. After more than 30 years of development work, Avira antivirus software has achieved success and has received great trust from millions of users around the world. Now, let’s know more about Avira Antivirus.

Details Of Avira Antivirus MOD APK

Avira Antivirus MOD APK Download
Avira Antivirus MOD APK Download

Avira Antivirus MOD APK is a tool to protect users from malware, viruses, and other malicious software in their computer systems. For this reason, it has a simple, user-friendly interface and uses bright colors to attract users and give them a sense of comfort. The home page of the app shows the location where users can manage the apps and use other functions.

Avira was founded in 2006, but there have been a number of applications since 1986, so you need to be familiar with the iconic red umbrella symbol. It was the first anti-virus application to have its own version of the symbol, the Avira Antivirus logo.

In addition, the app will combine its functions from many different categories to offer users a variety of application benefits.

Of course, users can personalize and manipulate it, change the color of the interface and change settings, and control the ability of users to manipulate this app. Back then it was only popular on the PC operating system, now it is available on Android to serve a wider audience.

There are many attractive games in the beta phase of the country, and people can go online to download external APK files that they can install on their Android devices. Illegal intrusion into electronic devices is very common to steal information, install malicious code or commit illegal acts.

If you download files from untrusted sources, you run the risk of installing malware. Unsecured security systems can also be compromised if public hotspots are accessed.

Be aware of how hackers attack your device, they simply intercept your data calls and read them and steal information.

Protect your device from hackers and malicious code with AVIRA, one of the most popular security software for mobile devices. This application helps you to scan your entire device for malicious codes and quickly remove them.

Avira Antivirus MOD APK has VPN servers around the world that can help users keep their connection as stable as possible.

The next most stable server is the user who finds an automatic connection, while the manual connection allows the user to select the server he wants. VPN servers can fake the IP of a user’s local server (IP), allowing him to access blocked websites.

Not only that, but VPN also offers users a standard speed that allows them to enjoy a better Internet experience. The user can choose between manual or automatic connections and can also choose from a variety of other options.

Features Of Avira Antivirus MOD APK

Premium Features Unlocked In Mod

Avira Antivirus MOD APK is a completely free application available in both Pro and MOD versions. The MOD version of AVIRA Antivirus includes all the features of the premium version but adds more features than the Pro version.

Avira also produces the Avira Antivirus 2021 Prime version, which offers the same features as the mod premium version, but with the possibility to use it as an alternative to the Pro version. Many of the features are limited and also contain many advertising and maintenance budgets.

Scan All Your Device

Before installing an application, a user’s device can be compromised by malicious software. Avira Antivirus can therefore help users to remove them and create a protective layer that allows the device to automatically prevent intrusions from many different sources.

The application scans every file and folder anywhere in memory for malicious files, and a simple printout on the home screen makes the scan instantaneous. Once the scans are complete, a series of lists of malicious programs are displayed.

There is no need to attach files associated with the directory, and the user has many options to edit, repair, remove, or disable the malicious files. The app warns when a user starts to remove a malicious file so that it can be associated with his active application. Users have the option to edit, repair, remove, disable, etc.


Avira Antivirus 2021 offers 100 MB of free VPN per day to make your Internet surfing secure. No need to worry about malicious code, no need to worry about unintentional access to malicious websites, and no need for antivirus protection.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which serves as a private tunnel exclusively for the user and cannot be found by others.

The use of VPN is enormous and allows users to access more quickly and to be more secure without viruses. Not only that, but VPN also allows users to access locally blocked websites and hide their activities.

Avira Antivirus MOD APK is enough for you, as it has many popular features to meet the needs of users. Therefore, you do not need to install another VPN application, but this application hides your identity while you share websites that are blocked in your geographical location.

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